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Artist of the day: Régine Pivier-Attolini

Méditerranée I
IG 5882-POD
Pivier-Attolini, Régine

Le hameau
IG 4236-POD
Pivier-Attolini, Régine

Bouquet à la coupe blanche
IG 2786-POD
Pivier-Attolini, Régine

L´ombrelle II
IG 2518
Pivier-Attolini, Régine
50 x 50 cm

Do more with your walls - in 1, 2, 3 steps to the ideal of "Art-on-Demand"

The highest quality and personalized to your liking - largest publisher selection. About 450 Fine Art Contemporary Artists, Designers and Photographers. Many types of best materials: Canvas, Aluminum Dibond (Outdoor), Brilliant Acrylglass, Art Prints Papers, ready to hang framed Art Prints and Artistic Postcard Collection

An image of your choice, e.g. measuring 100x100cm, printed in FINE ART PRINTING quality under 6mm acrylic glass with an aluminium back frame for just € 619.  A canvas picture on a 4cm stretcher frame for just € 327. An art print in a solid wooden frame for just € 232 and in an MDF frame with painted sides for just € 200. (All prices always include 19% VAT.)

From our latest Newsletter
Fragments - hidden beauty by Matthias Baumann

Painting and drawing are combined by the versatile artist Matthias Baumann with his interest in photography. He artistically works his digital images with selected fragments, uses overlays, colour differentiations and fine structures to emphasize individual picture components. His works seamlessly combine photography and painting in a coherent whole. With his highly developed sense for the details of form, the artist brings hidden beauty into the daylight or veils landscapes with unnatural seeming fog and light curtains.
IG 8771-POD
Baumann, Matthias

IG 8772-POD
Baumann, Matthias

IG 8799-POD
Baumann, Matthias

Kraft der Rose
IG 8800-POD
Baumann, Matthias

IG 8801-POD
Baumann, Matthias

Stiller See
IG 8802-POD
Baumann, Matthias

IG 8803-POD
Baumann, Matthias

IG 8804-POD
Baumann, Matthias

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