Submitting Artwork

Are you an artist who would like us to take a look at your work? Would you like to know how to go about it? Here's what to do:

Step 1 - Getting to know you:
 First of all we have to get know your art. Simply send us some photos of your works or the link to your website via E-Mail. In order to make it easier for us later on, please ensure you also give us the title of the images and the size of the original. Send everything to Anita Cieslar at: . If you have any questions you can reach us at 0049 (0)7254 959 30-20. When we receive your work it will go straight to our design team who will review it. 

Step 2 - Selection: Our Creative Team, made up of representatives from different countries, uses several different criteria when choosing artwork: image, colour and genre in connection with current demand and trends etc. If we make a selection then we'd ask you to send the corresponding originals to us.
Of course, you'll insure the paintings and send them at our cost.
Your digital files in high resolution can be sent via a filehosting service. 

Step 3 - Publishing contract: After we've made the initial selection we take a look at the originals that you've sent in to us. If they meet our criteria we'll draw up a contract which includes, amongst other things, the royalty rates. You will be paid according to each piece of artwork we use. The royalty rate varies according to the size of the reproduction. Royalties will be paid twice a year in January and June. 

Step 4 - Production: The design team confirms the size of the reproduction and also selects the supports and the production method (offset, digital, silkscreen, giclee). In order to achieve the most faithful reproduction and guarantee the highest possible quality, we scan your original paintings and use that artwork at every stage of the production process to compare with the reproduction. To comply with the high level of quality control we set ourselves, the production process takes between 6 - 8 weeks.
If we receive digital data from you, it will be checked and, if necessary, adapted to our profiles. 

Step 5 - Marketing: We will present your art in our catalogue, supplements, newsletters and on our homepage. At the same time we will work with you on putting together a summary of your art career to date (biography, with photo), which all our customers (galleries, art dealers, volume framers, poster and frame shops) will get to see. If you want, we will also include the source of supply for originals in the copyright line on the print and give a link to your personal website. 
Any more questions? We have the answers!